ELume operates a wafer processing foundry- micro chip R/D laboratory located in California.

Inventive thinking, coupled with imagination and customer care is the key to our existence (raison d'être) and success for over a decade. The application of this has paid off for many of our customers who have relied on our judgment, experience/know-how, and trusted us with their most challenging (proprietary) ideas.

ELume's reputation is built on finding and implementing solutions.

The combined creativity of ELume's scientific/engineering staff is always available to talk with you by phone or live from your PC. You will connect directly to an applications engineer who can recommend processes, materials, as well as give you input on what is the best approach to obtain a reliable, reproducible product, that is cost effective and meets your parameters.

Our company
ELume started out as a consulting company in the flat panel display field, working  on full color LEF as well as OLED devices on plastic substrates and movable mirror projection devices only to discover that it was like “beating a dead horse”; the manufacturing of display technologies disappeared from the USA radar screen one by one to resurface in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc.

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To stay in business, ELume evolved and reinvented itself again. Since our infrastructure was in place, we switched to become A NON PURE PLAY specialty Semiconductor – like devices – MEMS foundry for third party customers needing custom/nonstandard processing solutions. Many unrelated to silicon wafers yet the processing parameters of silicon were applicable. Today ELume is a thriving independent enterprise.

The company feels with its 10-year history, it has become an attractive partner because of its unique infrastructure. We are sought after to assist with developing products/processes because we can offer your project know how, experience (finding solutions), tools, flexibility, combined with our most important asset, imagination and a can-do attitude.

Support and infrastructure, including clean rooms, laboratories and testing facilities, were developed by the company’s technicians, engineers, and scientists on an as needed basis, constructed locally  to emulate ISO 9000 standards.