ELume's non-commodity processing foundry and laboratory facilities allow flexibility for the rapid implementation and commercialization of MEMS, as well as silicon, glass, ceramic, microchip (engineered) devices.

We operate a Class 100 facility, ISO 9000 compliant, USA based (California). Our focus is low volume, i. e., a few wafers throughout pilot plant production.

We process your choice of substrates, thin film (multilayer) materials, with your specified process (line geometries) parameters. This is in contrast to pure play foundries where the process parameters are set or dictated. We target Universities, Fortune 500, R/D grants, as well as life sciences, biotech, pharmaceuticals and alternative (sustained) energy projects and markets.

Who Benefits:

  • Fabless entities.
  • R/D, biotech, life sciences, pharmaceuticals.
  • Universities.
  • SBIR, NSF, NIST, other grant recipients.
  • OEMs requiring short runs (a few wafers).
  • Companies with advanced, specialized, nonstandard processing needs.
  • New device development.