Life Sciences

Bioscience/Pharmaceautical Devices -- micro-fluidic analysis systems have the potential to significantly impact molecular biology and medical systems in general, just as IC chips revolutionized electronics and computer technology. The device pictures show our micro-fabrication (MEMS) capabilities. Micro-channels on planar substrates, silicon and/or glass using our standard photolithography, wet/dry etching, and deposition techniques. Fluid samples and reagents can be suspended in them or are attached to their walls. The fluid moves uniformly due to electrokinetics (electro-osmotic).

ELume's challenge is to combine multiple technologies such as micro-fluidic, electro-optics, and micro-electronics on silicon/glass wafers, which is far more difficult than the system on chip design. For more information on our capabilities in this burgeoning field, contact ELume's application engineers.

Multi Electrode Integrated Arrays
(MEIA's )

These standalone devices can be integrated into fiber optic plates, titer plates, and the preverbal petri dish. Applications are for pharmaceutical and biotech. Two versions shown.

Bioscience / Biomedical Multielectrode Integrated Arrays - Microfluidics Processing Services - MEMS Processing Services